The brief was for a non-traditional office look. In place of the typical modular office systems and fluorescent lights, glass tables and pendant lights were used instead. Also, in place of the usual carpet floors and partition walls, Alicia put in place cement flooring and glass panels for that modern, cosy, yet industrial feel.

Links Recruitment Singapore Pte Ltd

iPoise Design Pte Ltd.I think Alicia brought our vision to life. Not only is the office cutting edge design, but it also gives off a vibrant feel, which is exactly what we had in mind.iPoise Design Pte Ltd.

This new ice-cream parlour steered away from the usual sweet, princessy colour scheme for its first outlet at East Coast. Given a slight raw and industrial treatment with a black and orange colour scheme and rustic looking materials, it stood out amongst its competitors. Its second outlet at Raffles Place on the other hand was furnished in a classy and clean style with black as the main colour.

Ice Queen Pte Ltd

iPoise Design Pte Ltd.It was by chance that I got to know about I.Poise. Alicia is very reliable and she managed to pave a problem-free and stress-free renovation when I engaged her to renovate my shop for me. I felt comfortable working with her and she would always look after my interests. For what has committed to do, she would deliver and everything was completed within a short 2 weeks. Since my renovation is a commercial one, it involves a lot of procedures and paperwork but Alicia would handle them for me even though she has no obligation to do so. It was a really good experience working with Alicia and I went on to engage her for my renovation again for my second shop. Alicia was easy and fun to work with. We clicked like old friends from the get go and I’m happy to continue working with her on my second outlet.iPoise Design Pte Ltd.

The owners wanted open spaces that allowed for chatting with clients. The outcome was LED spotlights to set the mood and plants that doubled as partitions giving clients privacy and a sense of exclusivity.

Infinity Wealth Management Group Pte Ltd

iPoise Design Pte Ltd.Open spaces tend to lack privacy but Alicia was able to help us achieve that without the need to set up modular systems or partition as most people do.iPoise Design Pte Ltd.

The main concern for the center was the need to maximize space and soundproofing. Alicia added vibrant colours to excite the students and helped boost classroom space by curtailing the reception area.

TAS Tuition Centre

iPoise Design Pte Ltd.Although our requirements were very straightforward, Alicia went the extra mile with effective and efficient use of colours to give the classrooms the needed ‘oomph’iPoise Design Pte Ltd.

This project had a few challenges and one of which was that the interior ceiling was lower than the corridor ceiling. Hence, a false ceiling that incorporated 3D design panels was used. This doubled up as an artistic backdrop to the signage, thus covering the defect with an artistic twist. The mall also restricted the use of shop front bulkheads so a backlit, bronze acrylic cutout brand name was used instead.

i.poise jewels

iPoise Design Pte Ltd.We wanted a shop that is modern with exotic influences; something different from other typical jewellery shops. This was achieved with the combination of earth tones and animal print wallpaper to highlight the uniqueness of the shop and to add character to the whole design.iPoise Design Pte Ltd.

Understanding the client’s love for nature, Alicia designed a feature wall with the installation of a dramatic ensemble of tree branches.

While this was an attractive showcase, it was not loud and therefore did not take away the focus away from the brand name just beside it. This revamped reception has constantly been receiving rave reviews from many of the company’s clients.

Ruchi Management

iPoise Design Pte Ltd.I love the fact that she was able to transform the reception area into something so elegant while incorporating the company’s green philosophy. The beautiful feature wall is always a conversation piece.iPoise Design Pte Ltd.