Colours – Your Extra Square Feet

How to choose the perfect colour for your new home or business? This is probably one of the few questions we have been asked the most during these past years by our clients, with an expectation for a fast answer. This is probably, still nowadays, one of the hardest question to answer. Choosing colours without [...]

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Interior Styling for Greenwood Mews Cluster Home

Interior Styling for Greenwood Mews Cluster Home Today we are featuring one of our latest interior styling project in the Greenwood Mews Condominium. This home that we did up is a cluster home. Here are some pictures of what it looked like before the interior styling: Here is how the home looks like now after [...]

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Interior Designers or Contractors

Interior Designers or Contractors Ever wondered what is the difference between an interior design and a renovations company (Contractor)? Today we will unravel this common confusion. As seen in this image above, interior design companies are vastly different from renovation companies. So now many people wonder, who should they choose? It depends on these factors: [...]

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Interior Styling of ION Orchard Condo

Interior Styling of ION Orchard Condo Today’s feature: Interior Styling of ION Orchard Condo #1 Balcony The balcony of this home is turned into a lush oasis, with the addition of two towering shrubs. Floor candles make the space all the more inviting and add a touch of warmth, especially when lit at night. Give the [...]

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